HD-SDI Video Cable Silver-Plated 75Ω 6G4K Coaxial Cable Male to Male 3G-SDI

  • $8.00

HD-SDI video silver-plated wire, with PTFE insulation, FEP outer sheath, pure copper plated silver conductor and pure copper silver shield, light weight, good flexibility, High temperature resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Good shielding performance, low attenuation, and good VSWR. Is widely used in electronic equipment, broadcasting systems, high-definition television, automation equipment and military industry.
This HD-SDI silver plated wire is made of imported high temperature resistant raw materials. It is a completely new raw material, and the shielded and conductor pure copper silver plating performance is extremely stable. It is suitable for making 75 Ω short distance high frequency signal transmission jumpers.
Core shield material: pure copper plated (main core is multi-core)
White Insulation: PTFE (High Temperature)
Size: line diameter 2.5mm
Impedance: 75 Ω
Frequency: 0-6GHZ