OSYBZ USB 3.0 Camera 5.0MP Lens 5-50mm Webcam UVC Free Drive Compatible Windows Mac OS X Linux

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Using sony IMX 355 CMOS image sensor, Make the image more Clearer and less noisy images,Can display the true color of the object more accurately
High resolution, 2592*1944@25fps  Max output, Smooth video and low latency at high resolution "With 1.5Meters USB 3.0 Cable, Support computer usb3.0 interface
Multiple resolutions to choose, 2592*1944@25fps 1920*1080@60fps 1280*720@60fps 640*480@60fps
With 1.5 Meters USB Cable, Support computer usb3.0  interface
The camera using UVC standard have powerful compatibility working with Windows / OS X / Linux, And multiple cameras can working on a computer at the same time

Camera Specification
* Solution: Sony IMX 355 CMOS Sensor
* Pixel Size: 2 µm x 2 µm
* Camera Size: 115*50*50MM 
* Exposure mode: Rolling shutter
* USB Cable lenght :1.5 Meters
* Resolution ( MJPG ) : 2592*1944@25fps 1920*1080@60fps 1280*720@60fps 640*480@60fps
* Resolution ( YUV422 ) : 2592*1944@25fps 1920*1080@60fps 1280*720@60fps 640*480@60fps
* Lens: 5-50MM C-Mount Lens 
* Focus mode: Manual
* Backlight Compensation: Auto
* White Balance: Auto Tracking White Balance 
* Working Temperature: -30°C~60°C
*Video standard: USB 3.0 UVC
* Support system: Windows / Linux / OS X
* Third-party software: Labview / Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder / OBS Studio / VLC / Potplayer / Wirecast/
vMix / QuickTime etc.